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Fun and Unique Ways to Make Money as A Pet Lover

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many people are searching for ways to bring in a little extra money. After all, the costs can add up quickly. But what about fun ways to make money as a pet lover, specifically? Let’s talk about how you can turn your passion into income!


Are you on the search for an opportunity to make a little extra cash this year?

If so, I may have just what you’re looking for…

I’ve put together a list of different ways you can make money as a pet lover ranging from quick money in a pinch and smaller scale side hustles to fulltime business opportunities.

Whatever you’re looking for, you can do it while embracing your love of animals!

Extra income AND pets – What’s not to love?

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10 Great Ways to Make Money as A Pet Lover

Dog Walking

If you’re getting out and walking your dog already, why not make a little extra money at the same time?

Many pet owners are searching for solutions to their dog’s loneliness while they are at work.

Especially with the sharp increase in pet adoptions during the lockdown! These are newer pet owners, now working to adjust to their return to work.

You can advertise on local community bulletin boards or community Facebook groups. However, the best option may be to sign up for Rover!

Not only does Rover connect you with potential customers, but it also provides liability insurance.

Pet Sitting

Another great way to make money as a pet lover is to become a pet sitter.

This is a great business option for all pet lovers, not just dog lovers (contrary to popular belief).

Pet owners are searching for reliable and trustworthy sitters to care for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, horses, rabbits, and more.

If you are looking at making this a full-time business, I recommend checking out the Pet Sitters International ‘Certified Professional Pet Sitter’ certification.

While this is an investment (both in time and money), it is a great way to stand out from the others in your industry.

Much like dog sitting, you can advertise on your own or choose to be listed on an online platform.

Rover (listed above) not only caters to dog walkers but also to pet sitters. By signing up for Rover, you can offer both services in one location.

If you are located here in Canada, you may choose to list your services with Pet Sitters Canada.

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Pooper Scooper

This may not sound like the most enticing of jobs, but it is a great entry-level option to make money quickly.

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning up after their pets and would be more than willing to pay someone to come to their home and take care of the ‘dirty work’.

The concept is simple – offer your services cleaning up people’s yards on your local community board or community Facebook group.

You may also choose to create flyers, dropping them off in the mailboxes of local dog owners.

There are very few tools required to get started and your business can grow quickly by word of mouth as long as you’re doing a great job.

Pet Grooming

Starting your business as a pet groomer is going to require training, however, it can be a profitable choice for those interested in starting a pet business!

Pet groomers are highly in demand, meaning that it’s a great opportunity for success.

You can choose from working at (or owning) a brick and mortar shop, or travelling to your customers, bringing your grooming services to their door.

The journey to get started as a pet groomer can take different paths, depending on your learning style.

Some prospective groomers chose to attend a training certification program like the program offered at Northern College while others prefer to take an apprenticeship approach, learning the skills of the trade working alongside an established groomer.

Create and Sell Stock Photography

Are you interested in photography? Do you enjoy taking pictures of your pets?

Stock photography websites such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock and Getty Images are always on the search for new photos to feature and sell on their websites.

They are looking for high-quality photos that would be of interest their millions of subscribers.

This is a great option if your pet is photogenic and willing to pose for the camera!

man in a deep blue shirt holding a DSLR camera, taking a picture of a brown and white dog while outdoors surrounded by autumn leaves

Pet Photography

Do you love taking photos, but you don’t have a ready and willing model at home? You could build your business and make money by taking photos of someone else’s pets.

When people think of photography, they often think of weddings and maternity shoots, but there is growing demand for talented pet photographers as well!

More families are starting to see their pets as a part of the family, sparing no expense.

Pet photography isn’t easy, especially when you’re working with pets that you’re not familiar with.

It requires an eye for photography, skill with a high-quality camera and A LOT of patience.

You can’t describe what to do to your models the way that you can with human photography, so be ready for a lot of trial and error!

Sell Your Handmade Products

Maybe you aren’t a master behind a camera, but you have another creative skill that you’d like to share.

You can make money as a pet lover by leveraging your talents!

This could include sewing clothing and accessories, constructing scratch posts and pet furniture, or drawing beautiful portraits.

Turn your passion into some extra income and have fun along the way.

Teach Online Classes

Do you have knowledge, education and/or experience in a specific animal-related topic?

If so, you may be interested in creating an online course, sharing your knowledge and teaching skills to others.

Examples of course topics include dog training, first aid & CPR for pets, DIY tutorials and more.

These can be created and marketed on your own or offered through a platform like Udemy.

To find out more about teaching with Udemy, check out their Teaching Center.

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Become an Instagram Influencer

This is often seen as a ‘get rich quick’ solution to making money, but it’s not as easy as it is may seem.

That being said, it can be profitable if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Instagram influencers make money by leveraging their following to promote sponsored posts and even their own merchandise.

However, first, you will need to build a loyal following.

There is more to building a following than just posting whatever your heart desires and hoping for the best.

You will need to learn about social media marketing, Instagram algorithms, and more.

If you are serious about becoming an Influencer and looking for valuable information, consider investing a ticket to The Pet Summit 2020 for access to their online library of classes and workshops specifically focused on success in the pet industry.

Start A Pet Blog

If you love the idea of having your say in the pet industry, but you’re more interested in writing than the visual focus of Instagram, blogging may be for you!

Like the Instagram Influencer option, this is anything but a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

When starting a blog, you will be doing a lot of work up front for nothing, even investing before seeing any return.

However, if you’re willing to stick it out and put the effort in, you can build a profitable business with sponsored posting, ad revenue, affiliate sales and more.

While there are free blogging platforms available, these also come with limitations.

I recommend creating a self-hosted WordPress blog in order to set yourself up for success.

Unsure of what that means or how to get started? I use Lyrical Host for my hosting and have had nothing but the best experience with them!

In addition to fast, reliable hosting, they also offer additional support, exclusive stock photography and a blogging resource library.

Use the code ‘SHEDHAPPENS10’ for 10% off your first hosting payment!

Check out my Blogging Resources page for more information about the products and services that I use here on Shed Happens.

woman wearing a dark green t-shirt and jeans walking 5 dogs outside on a cement path with text announcing 10 ways to make money as a pet lover

Have you tried any of these ways to make money as a pet lover? Do you have another pet-related business idea? I want to hear all about your experiments, experiences and success in the comment section!

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  1. Super list Britt. My wife and I house sit but most duties involve pet sitting. Right now we are on a 3 month house sit on the beach in Panama caring for 3 fun dogs. Beach walks on the Pacific daily, and some other duties pretty easy mostly. Yesterday was fascinating as one dog got quilled by a porcupine on the beach but one quick trip to the vets and 45 bucks later, the dog was good to go.


    1. It’s such a fun and fulfilling way to earn a little extra income and/or visit new places, isn’t it? I mean, I can’t imagine a life without pets! When I was in University I did a lot of pet sitting due to the fact that I couldn’t have pets in my dorm. That allowed me to get out and spend time with other people’s dogs and cats (and get paid for it).

  2. I’ve never thought about selling stock photos. That’s a really good idea and now I want to look into it. I tried making my dog an Instagram but I never keep up with my own then I kept getting messages from different sites selling pet stuff like bandanas, toys, etc. so it didn’t last long 🙂 But this is a great list!

    1. Unfortunately, we do see A LOT of random spam requests where companies try to pitch that they want to collaborate by offering us a 10% discount. They don’t seem to realize that in doing so, they are technically asking us to do all the work to promote their business and pay them for the right to do so… Pass, thanks!

    2. Few months ago, I got some sponsor opportunity from Instagram about my dog photos. it’ really initiative idea.

  3. I wasn’t expecting to see that many pet-related revenue streams. Great list!. I’m definitely going to pass along the idea of being a pet photographer because I know several people who are into photography who already like outdoor work. But I’ll bet they’ve never thought of the pet photography market.

    1. We have a local family photographer that does photos of us with our pets and just of our pets, and she’s amazingly talented! There is definitely a market out there for it, especially with more people seeing their pets as family.

  4. Before read this content I have no idea about pet lovers earn money ways. I know just dog walking service, grooming, sitter that’s it. But gather lot’s of idea specially dog photography. Can you tell me any service about dog tax or earn from here anyway?

    1. I can’t speak to tax-related information; I personally pay a professional to take care of that for me. I recommend contacting an accountant in your area.