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Shed Happens is a pet-focused blog focused on connecting pet lovers and owners from around the world. Our articles span a wide variety of topics including funny pet pictures, heartwarming stories, news updates, pet care tips and other valuable knowledge.

Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all things related to the world of pets.

About Britt

Photography by Bailey Lynn D Photography

Interested in getting to know the face behind the blog? I’m Britt, a 30-something wife and pet mom. I work from home, running my own business as a digital/social media marketer, freelance writer and blogger.

I started blogging as a profession with Alternatively Speaking, an ‘alternative living and outdoor travel’ blog. Over time, I noticed that I was posting more and more content related to my true loves, our ‘pack’, and more importantly – people were engaging on it and enjoying it.

Rather than flooding my original blog with content that doesn’t quite fit its focus, I decided that it was time to branch out and create a secondary blog focused solely on all things pet-related. With that, Shed Happens was born.

I live in Grey/Bruce, Ontario, Canada with my husband John, our 2 dogs (Indiana and Lucifer) and our 2 cats (Pippen and Jinx).

When I’m not working/blogging, you can find me hiking, camping, canoeing, and spending as much possible outdoors as possible (all chronicled by my husband and I on our pet-friendly outdoor travel blog and YouTube channel The Kas Pack).

We hope you enjoy what we’re sure will become your favourite rescue-friendly corner of the digital pet world!