brown and white ferret standing behind a cage peeking into a clear storage bin

Easy to Make DIY Ferret Toys and Accessories

If you share your home with a ferret, then you know that they are fun, playful, and highly inquisitive animals. Keeping your ferret entertained can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are some simple, easy to make DIY ferret toys and accessories…

Life with a ferret is never boring! These furry little balls of energy are almost always ready for playtime.

Not only will playtime bring a smile to your face, but it is also an important factor in keeping your ferret happy and healthy.

A bored ferret is a destructive ferret!

They will get into everything and anything, which is both frustrating and dangerous.

However, with a little caution and planning, you can avoid a trip to the emergency vet! After all, that can be a stressful AND expensive experience!

There is no denying the fact that we LOVE our pets.

In fact, in 2019 it is reported that Americans spent $95.7 billion on their pets, contributing to a wildly successful pet industry!

Owning a pet can be expensive. From vet bills and grooming to food and treats, it is important to consider your financial stability before bringing a new family member home.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to provide you ferret with the exercise and entertainment that it craves.

In fact, there are many GREAT options for DIY ferret toys and accessories…

Many of the best toys can be constructed from items that are currently laying around your home!

small black and white ferret peeking out from hiding in a blue cardboard box on a carpeted floor

Check Out These Fun DIY Ferret Toys and Accessories!

The secret to the perfect homemade ferret toy is the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid!

You don’t need some wildly elaborate or expensive creation.

Just think about the last time you splurged on a fancy toy for your pet only to find them gravitating to the box…

Keep in mind that your ferret will try to put anything and everything in their mouths.

For this reason, it’s important to avoid toys with small parts that could break off or toys that haven’t been designed to withstand a little extra abuse.

While you can purchase dog toys, for example, it’s better to look at those designed for bigger dogs.

Avoid flimsier toys designed for small dogs or cats.

A great rule of thumb to remember – NEVER give your ferret anything that wouldn’t be recommended for children 3 and under!

That being said, here are some fun, safe and low-cost options for DIY ferret toys and accessories:

#1 – Boxes and Paper Bags

Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious option.

As I mentioned above, many pets will completely overlook expensive pet toys in favour of the packaging, so roll with it!

You can create fun structures and mazes by putting boxes together, cutting holes and more.

If you are creating a taller structure by stacking boxes, ensure that they are secure to avoid an accidental injury.

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#2 – Golf Balls or Ping Pong Balls

Here’s another solution that takes little to no effort.

If you want to go a step further than just offering the balls to your ferret to play with, consider creating a tug toy by placing a ball in a sock, tying the sock to hold it in place.

#3 – PVC Tubing and Dryer Vents

We’ve all seen the elaborate tunnel systems that we can purchase for our ferrets, but did you know you could make something similar at home?

A single tunnel will allow for a fun game of hide and seek, or you can attach multiple tubes.

Create elaborate playgrounds by combining these tunnels with the boxes mentioned above and you can create your own ferret palace!

Remember: Ferrets are highly intelligent, so you want to provide both physical and mental stimulation. A maze is a great way to accomplish this!

white ferret playing with a blue running shoe on a tile floor

#4 – Tug Toys from Old Clothing

Do you have an old shirt or pair of pants that you are planning on getting rid of?

Before you throw it out, why not make a fun tug toy for your ferret?

Sleeves and pant legs are easily converted into fun toys by balling up any remaining fabric inside, tying the sleeve off in the same way that you did the sock above.

Watch these toys for wear and tear as they will need to be replaced regularly.

Old clothing is also a great way to create fun and safe tunnels and hammocks for your ferret to explore.

Consider hiding treats within your clothing and leaving it on the floor.

Not only will your ferret have fun rooting through it, the ‘hunt’ will provide great mental stimulation.

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#5 – Repurpose Old Shoes

If you share your life with a ferret, you may have already learned that they LOVE shoes.

While you don’t want them to destroy your good shoes, old shoes can create a fun play toy to climb in and around.

ALWAYS remove the laces before giving them to your ferret!

#6 – Create A ‘Dig Box’

Ferrets naturally LOVE digging and burrowing.

Your dig box could be as simple as pouring dried beans, rice or sand in a sturdy box and allowing your ferret to dig away.

NOTE: Do NOT use instant rice as this could be dangerous if it is ingested.

For a more complex dig box, consider using a clear plastic storage bin. Cut a hole in the lid big enough for your ferret, fill it with the item of choice and watch as your ferret digs around inside.

brown and white ferret standing behind a cage peeking into a clear storage bin with the text Budget Friendly Easy to Make DIY Ferret Toys and Accessories

Have you ever tried to create DIY ferret toys and accessories? If so, what did you make?

What is your ferret’s favourite ‘toy’ to play with?

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  1. What a great post on ferrets and how to entertain them! Honestly, they freak me out, they look too much like rats…. You made them that much more likable to someone like me 🙂 Interesting to know they are so intelligent.

    1. They are fun, playful pets! Definitely a little mischievous, you have to make sure that you take steps to keep them out of anything that you don’t want them destroying – however, a little work ferret proofing your space and some fun toys to keep them entertained, and you’ll have a great time!

  2. So many great ideas! Ferrets look like they could be fun — never had one, but I do live with cats. Many of your ideas could be adapted to entertain feline friends, as well. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Definitely! My one cat’s favourite toy is actually a single lightweight dress sock (so that it isn’t too bulky) balled up and thrown. She thinks it’s the greatest thing ever!

  3. I love the idea of putting in a little effort and making some tug toys! It’s so neat to have homemade toys.

    1. I used to have a little dwarf hamster and her favourite toys were always boxes that we cut holes in so that she could explore in and around them!

  4. I took my girls to our local library to learn more about ferrets. The lady who brought hers in was so kind, and she let all the children see her ferret. She discussed how it was caring for them, and she even brought in a few of her very own diy ferret toys. We noticed that it really enjoyed being in the TP roll. It was just a fun experience for us all to learn more about ferrets.

    1. With so many fancy commercial products available, it’s easy to feel like you always have to buy the biggest and the best. However, our pets aren’t worried about brand names or price points! Often the simpy DIY toys are the ones that they will love best. Right?

  5. I guess my first question is, can ferrets be house trained? Because having the climbing through all those tubes might be fun for them, but annoying if you have to keep taking it apart to clean up after them

    1. Yes, they can be. As with other animals, it does take training, but it can be done successfully!
      You’re right, I wouldn’t want to clean all that up after a pet that isn’t lol

  6. These are such fun ideas! My little Beagle pup loves socks too. Just balled up socks. Loves them more than his other toys. I question his intelligence at times, lol!

    1. When she was younger, Dav’s favourite toy was my bras and underwear! If I ever brought a friend home that I wasn’t comfortable seeing those, I would have to go in the house first to see where she had dropped them around the house. She never chewed them or anything, just carried them around and left them everywhere lol

  7. Some friends of ours have ferrets and they are an absolute joy to watch and play with. Super intelligent and very mischievous, the ideal child’s companions. Sadly, I don’t think our cats would appreciate them but you never know, one day, if they all grew up together! Lisa

    1. I’m sure that ours wouldn’t be too impressed with the idea either. Don’t get me wrong, we have both dogs and cats and they get along togehter GREAT despite the stereotypes out there, but none of them have or know ferrets. That would take an adjustment for them.

    2. Lisa, we have a ferret as well as 2 cats and 2 dogs that didn’t grow up together. The 2 cats were both rescues, 1 of the dogs was rescue and even the ferret was a rescue. They all for the most part get along well. However, the ferret knows how to tell the others to bug off when he wants his space, the cats know how to tell the rest to bugger off when they want their space. Otherwise its kumbaya with them.

  8. Some great options that really cater to a ferret’s natural urges! I’m not sure they are kept as pets much in Europe, I have never actually seen anyone keep one as a pet, although people do keep mice and rats. But they look super cute in your pictures.

    1. They are restricted in some areas here in North America as well – as are other ‘exotic’ animals. However, in the areas where they aren’t restricted, they are starting to gain popularity.

  9. how cute and creative. My bestie has a ferret and she she loves them. I’m sending her this article as her current ferret is never enough of playing and new toys

  10. Wow these are some wonderful ideas. It’s always so pleasing when you are able to roll out these toys at home. Reusing old shoes is so much implementable by everyone as we always have many available at home.

    1. We have quite a few as well. I was chatting with a friend who owns a ferret recently and offered a couple as we just end up throwing them out. If they will enjoy it, that’s a little extra life – right?

  11. There are some really fun and creative ideas here for sure. I am sure many kids and adults will enjoy making these and have hours of fun x

    1. Often we find ourselves scared of animals that we aren’t used to. Dogs and cats are common pets, but ferrets, while not uncommon, certainly aren’t regular pets that we see in everyone’s homes. That being said, they are such fun, playful pets!

  12. I didn’t realize ferrets were that intelligent or fun to play with! I’ve learned a ton, and kind of want one. Or at least find someone I know will one so I can go play with it. Lol. They seem like such a cute and really fun pet to have around. My cat would hate it (he hates everything and everyone!) so I would definitely wait, as I am with any new pets until long after he’s gone. I’m also a huge fan of the DIY toys. I’m sure we’ve all gone out and blown a ton of money on toys for our furry friends, especially when first bringing them home. So this is an awesome money-saving post.

    1. I have DEFINITELY made the mistake of spending a lot that my pets couldn’t be bothered with before… Most recently, I bought a fancy dog toy for Dav girl, spending almost $30 on it, only to find her throwing around the balled up brown paper that I had pulled out of the box lol Sometimes, simple is better lol

  13. This was very interesting. I had no idea about the stats about Americans spending so much on their pets in 2019. But I’m not surpeised. I appreciate the KISS method of keeping animals entertained, and I like that you can make all these toys from used items. Informative post!

    1. Some of the spending is crazy! I spoil my dogs, but there are definitely items that exceed what I would want to spend for ‘fun’ spending lol

    1. Yes, bunnies love homemade toys like that too! I had a dwarf bunny growing up and I would often make cardboard castles and mazes for her. She loved exploring them.

  14. Love the making your own toys idea ? a guy who I used to live near had ferrets, used to see him take them out for walks which I found fascinating.

    1. We spend so much money on all these fancy toys for our pets, and they’d rather play in the boxes they were delivered in. Rather than fighting it, why not embrace it? lol

  15. Sound’s interesting. I always try to make this type of DIY toys. What a great post for owners of rats! I’m confident that both children and adults will love doing these activities and have hours of fun.